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Alan Davey is the longest serving bass player Hawkwind ever had and in his 19 years fronting the band on many world tours, he also published/wrote 55 songs for the band. He’s appeared on approximately 70 Hawkwind albums and produced 18 of them, many of which were in the top 20 British/European charts.

The name Hawkestrel comes from a piece of music Alan wrote on his first solo album released in 1997. The album ‘Captured Rotation’ was the best album of the month scoring 96/100 in one of Europes biggest music magazine ‘Ard Schok’,.! Other bands in the same magazine that month who scored less were Motörhead, Saxon and Cheap Trick to name a few.!

In 2016 Alan signed to LA based record label Cleopatra Records who signed him for 10 years! The first Hawkestrel album released in 2018 titled ‘The Future is Us’ features ex Hawkwind members Lemmy, Ginger Baker, Nik Turner, Simon House and Huw Lloyd Langton and also has a special guest appearance by William Shatner performing the famous Michael Moorcock poem ‘Sonic Attack’. The album received a lot of attention and high praise when released boosting the name Hawkestrel in America which is trademarked and owned in the US by Alan.!

Alan is looking to take Hawkestrel on the road in 2023 to celebrate Hawkwind’sclassic live album Space Ritual which was released 50 years ago to bring that classic 70’s sound to the stoner/rock fans and the festival scene in America as only Alan can. Being a close friend of Lemmy since 1985 and at only 22 years old he was taught by his mentor how to play Lemmy Bass and get the sound right which was a major part of the Hawkwind sound.

Fans worldwide now recognize Alan as the only Hawkwind member holding the torch for that era now, the sound that influenced so many bands thus making Hawkestrel something unique and special today.

Band members are….

Alan Davey – Bass guitar and vocals.

Hawkwind bassist and vocals for 19 years. He also plays with the Pink Faires and fronts heavy rock band Gunslinger.

Tommy Grenas – Audio Generators and vocals.

Tommy did many gigs with Nik Turner’s Hawkwind many times in the USA.

John Pack – Guitar and vocals. Has played live with Alan and Nik Turner’s Hawkwind in England and the USA.

James Dunn – Drums and backing vocals. Has also played live with Alan and Nik Turners Hawkwind in England and the USA.