Frozen Crown

Format : CD

Frozen Crown is a female fronted Power Metal band infused with Classic Heavy Metal and Melodic Death Metal vibes.

Born in 2018, the band has since released four albums, “The Fallen King”, “Crowned In Frost”, “Winterbane” and “Call Of The North”, which gave the band huge media exposure – over 35 million views total on YouTube for their singles – and brought them to be featured as special guest on the 2020 Dragonforce “Extreme Power Metal” European tour.

With the latest album “Call of the North” the band consolidates their sound while bringing at the same time unseen features on the table (like acoustic ballads and epic choirs), where Power Metal meets old-school Speed and classic Heavy Metal in a modern fashion, with a bombastic production highlighting opulent orchestrations and harmonies. The most thoughtful, yet the catchiest of their works, it brings along memorable refrains, heavy downtuned guitar riffs and intricate symphonic parts, tied together by a tense and epic battlefield atmosphere. Being Frozen Crown’s most mature album, ‘Call of the North’ is the ideal soundtrack to a long journey in a frozen, forgotten land, through battle chants and war hymns, and defines the sound pushing all their trademark elements to a new level of complexity, without forgetting the easy to remember hooks the fans are used to.

Just coming back from a successful headlining show in Tokyo, during its short lifespan, Frozen Crown played three European tours, two Japanese headlining tours and several shows throughout Europe including Sabaton Open Air and Metal Fest Plzen, sharing the stage with bands like Sabaton, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Dragonforce, Nanowar Of Steel, Elvenking and more.

Frozen Crown is

Giada “Jade” Etro: vocals
Federico Mondelli: vocals, lead and rhythm guitars
Fabiola Bellomo: lead and rhythm guitars
Francesco Zof: bass
Niso Tomasini: drums