Boy Hits Car

Format : CD

Boy Hits Car formed in 1993 with the idea to write melodic-heavy music that would translate well into a high energy live show. Their brand of music has been dubbed “LoveCore” connecting people around the world in a positive way through the heavy, uplifting tones and messages found in the BHC sound. Years of touring internationally has a led them to their 6th album, which will be a live studio album of previously released tracks due out in the Summer of 2020 on Cleopatra Records. Stay tuned for a release date & more news on tour dates as the guys continue to work on music for their follow up to the upcoming album. Come and see for yourself what Boy Hits Car LIVE is all about. Let’s get connected!

The 7th album, ‘Waves Of Sound Across Oceans Of Time” will be out in 2023 on DarkStar Records(Sony/Universal) with tour dates to follow.